Month: October 2020


Everyone’s wish:

          There is a saying that the home of a man is his castle and those who have a home must take care of it as a blessing in these troubled times. Having housing facility is a promise which all the governments of all countries in the world claim to provide but not all are able to actually fulfill the promise they make. It should be realized that home maintenance is an art which many people carry out with a great responsibility and there are several courses available in the institutions and on online spots on how to take care of the home that you live in. as a course you can learn home decoration and also make it a career in your life. With the development in the information technology and with the inputs that are provided by the internet you are able to know and become aware of all the latest developments that are going on in this field. You can see thousands of tutorials which are available on the different you tube channels that are dedicated to the subject and they are quite interesting and educative to learn and understand.  The subject is also taught in some countries as a diploma course which will help the students to start a career as an organization expert for the well known people in town.

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First priority:

  • It is nothing new that everyone wants to own a house and a great looking one at that. But many have to reside in rented apartments and in other places.
  • Those who have a house of their own or if they are living in a rented home the have the responsibility to the upkeep of the house and also to carry out the home in a very nice way in order to keep it in a spick and span manner.
  • This is a great opportunity as a career for many and those who are educated in the art can decorate the home all by themselves.
  • Many décor items are available in the market and many are doing the do it yourself method as they cannot afford the project and take the project to a professional as it is very expensive.
  • Home decoration is an art and you have to practice it efficiently.
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